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Communication deferred

Communication deferred

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Message 70363 - Posted: 13 Feb 2024, 10:51:47 UTC

My project is not getting any work since long ago.

I ultimately decided to uninstall BOINC, delete all files from programdata\boinc and reinstall BOINC, then added the project again but I keep getting the same message in the status field:

Communication deferred.

Anyone else with this issue? I'd love to contribute.

Thank you,
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Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 70364 - Posted: 13 Feb 2024, 11:08:32 UTC - in response to Message 70363.  

Your computers are hidden so I don't know which operating system you are using. When you get the communication deferred message do not keep hitting the update button as this will just restart the clock. There are currently tasks available for Windows. If you are running Linux then you will need to install WINE and then the windows client or use a VM. There is currently a batch of Linux work in testing which is likely to result in work for that platform within a week or so all being well.
You should be aware that most of the work for CPDN is managed by the project but comes from scientists around the world making the supply of work erratic with times of both famine and glut. If you want your machine to crunch all the time you will need at least one or two backup projects for the times of famine.
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Richard Haselgrove

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Message 70365 - Posted: 13 Feb 2024, 11:23:25 UTC - in response to Message 70363.  

The project-set deferral period at this project is 1 hour (3636 seconds), whatever the outcome of the update. New work will never be issued if you request it during this period.

You need to look more deeply (BOINC's Event Log is recommended) to see the state of play.
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Communication deferred