Welcome to the world’s largest climate modelling experiment

The project is currently undergoing a full system rebuild because of persistent issues which includes a new project backup system, as such the project will remain down to at least until 15th June.

Climateprediction.net is a volunteer computing, climate modelling project.

We run climate models on people’s home computers to help answer questions about how climate change is affecting our world, now and in the future –
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Evidence of how our climate is changing is vital to encourage investment in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as coping with inevitable change.

You can help discover how the climate could look by running our free software on your computer. The data generated is sent back to us and incorporated into the climateprediction.net projects.

Our computer models simulate the climate for the next century, producing predictions of temperature, rainfall and the probability of extreme weather events. The more models that are run, the more evidence we gather on climate change.

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